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​​​​​Wednesday March 26, 2014
Discovery Day has been set aside to recognize the scholarly work, and pedagogical and curricular achievements of faculty, staff, students, and alumni and to share ideas across and among disciplines and professional areas of study. The day will provide an opportunity for feedback on individual presentations, as well as a chance to interact with colleagues sharing common interests.
Posters will be used to display presentations by students, faculty/staff, alumni, and student/faculty collaborative projects. Any academic project can lend itself well to a poster format display. All disciplines are invited to participate. Please bring the event to the attention of your students and faculty colleagues and reinforce the advantages of participating in such a forum! 

A faculty or staff member must complete the Presentation Request Form (link located on the left toolbar) for all presentations within their departments.  Students are NOT permitted to submit forms for their own presentations.  ABSTRACTS MUST BE 200 WORDS.
ATTENTION STUDENTS: Student projects require a faculty advisor.  If you are interested in submitting a proposal for Discovery Day, consult with your faculty advisor well in advance of the due date! Advisors must approve and submit your presentation request on this site NO LATER THAN MONDAY, MARCH 3, 2014.  

Consultation with a faculty advisor will be needed as questions arise during the preparation of the poster material.  Students may also need assistance in identifying salient features of the project and guidance in organizing the visual presentation.  Presentation abstracts will be included in the Showcase Publication. 

Faculty, staff, and students must complete the Publication Request Form (link located on the left toolbar).

Publications submitted to Discovery Day must be recent (published between December, 2012 and January 2013) and should not have been presented at a previous Discovery Day event.  Work submitted must be published, not submitted for publication or accepted for publication at a future date.  Information on your recent publications. 


Forms will not be accepted after the deadline.